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"The inexorable direction of change, linked to the asymmetry of time (before-now-after), was vividly described by the scientist Arthur Eddington (1882-1944) as "the arrow of time." Throughout the process of continuing universal degradation, the dwindling stock of useful energy encounters a hierachy of fixed physical laws conforming to mathematical formulas, and from the interaction of these unchanging laws with the arrow of time comes a changing world of astonishing complexity, variety, and beauty. The pendulum runs down from a state of disequilibrium to one of equilibrium, and the same is true, we are told, of the universe, the ultimate closed system. From a state of extreme disequilibrium it plunged via the Big Bang toward its future ultimate state of utterly dark, frozen equilibrium. Between the beginning and the end there is a continual, cumulative transformation of useful energy, capable of forming temporary structures and causing events, into useless energy forever lost."

-Anthony Ashton, Harmonograph


from Nothing is Hidden, released February 19, 2014
Narration -- Dr. John Poling



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Augustine Fic Chicago, Illinois

I am a solo musician/composer, who studied sound engineering. My focus is on combining the organic sound of live-recorded, original material, and electronically editing it in a style influenced by artists like Venetian Snares and The Books.

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